Buy with Confidence

DSRcheck is unsuitable for "local traders" (loosely defined by DSRcheck as those businesses where a contract for goods or services is concluded face to face).

DSRcheck recommends that Local Traders register with the Buy with Confidence scheme...

Buy with Confidence

The scheme is operated by regional Trading Standards offices throughout the UK.

Whilst the scheme is NOT nationwide at the moment more and more councils are expected to join the scheme in the not too distant future.

The Buy with Confidence scheme requires compliance with more or less the same legislation as required by DSRcheck, however also carry out the following in particular:

Criminal Records Bureau checks

It is a condition of membership of the Buy with Confidence scheme that Basic Disclosure certificates are provided for some personnel:

All staff who do work in or around domestic premises (which includes gardens and land and buildings attached to the property) are required to provide a current disclosure certificate. This would not normally include occupations, where in the normal course of events the work would only constitute a visit to a door of the property.

All staff who have unsupervised access to vulnerable people through their job are required to carry out a CRB check.

Sub contractors working in circumstances outlined in 2 will be required to have CRB checks, unless they are supervised at all times by the owner and/or an employee of the applicant business, who has had a CRB check.

Truthful and up-to-date Marketing checks

Anything you tell your potential customers to encourage them to buy from you should be true and not misleading. This includes being transparent about pricing (including taxes), and making sure you have removed old membership logos when you leave an organisation.

Under laws which came into force in 2008, you can be asked to prove that an advertising claim is true, and you can be found to breach Regulations by failing to disclose to customers the full and accurate information they need to make a buying decision.

Joining the Scheme

Full details of the scheme and how to join can be found at: