Consumer Advice

An increasing number of people in the UK are turning to doing their shopping from home, as such it is more important then ever for consumers to know and understand their rights.

In addition to ensuring purchases are made via Secure Transaction Technology (SSL), a consumer will want to know that the company they are purchasing goods or services from is legitimate and provides the consumer with the protection which they are afforded by law...


Business Sense

Businesses selling goods or services via distance methods may be winning the battle against High Street companies, but competition on the internet requires the employment of different tactics in order to remain viable.

Consumers are able to find the best deals often at the click of a mouse - search for a product on Google and then count the number of price comparison or review websites which come up in the first 3 pages of results...


Get DSR checked

Place an order for your business to be checked

Pay by credit / debit card, paypal, cheque...


Buy with Confidence

The scheme is operated by regional Trading Standards offices throughout the UK.

Suitable for local traders who DO NOT conclude a contract for goods or services via distance selling methods...